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Where to sleep in Bilbao

Dónde dormir en Bilbao

Planning your visit to Bilbao? You may have already noticed that this city offers a very wide cultural and gastronomic offer. If you come for a few days, you will be looking for accommodation that is close to everything, allows you to move easily and where you can rest without worrying about noise. We facilitate this search by telling you what you should take into account to choose where to stay in Bilbao.

5 keys to choosing accommodation in Bilbao

  • Location: Bilbao is a big city. Its gastronomic and cultural offer is distributed by different locations, so you must be clear about what you want to visit, what activities or routes interest you and which accommodation area is best for you.
  • Isolation: like any city, there is movement of traffic and people. This does not mean that you can not rest, but you should make sure that  the place where you sleep in Bilbao is well isolated from the outside.
  • Security: Is there any kind of electronic access just for customers? Is a surveillance system installed? How do I access the rooms?
  • Staff: Bilbao is full of plans. The closeness with the staff to guide you during the days you are in this city is a plus.
  • Proximity to public transport: you can walk around the city, but sometimes it will waste a lot of time, since it can take more than an hour depending on where you have to go. Check that the accommodation you choose in Bilbao is well connected.

Where to stay in Bilbao: the 6 areas of the city

  • Casco Viejo, also called 7 streets: the heart of this city and one of the most central areas. It is the origin of Bilbao and still houses the most traditional and ancient buildings and shops. Not to mention their pintxos routes, which you can’t miss if you come here. In the Old Town you can visit emblematic sites such as  the Cathedral of Santiago, the Plaza Nueva, the Bidebarrieta library, the Ribera Market, the Arriaga theater,  the Salcedo Palace or the Casa del Jaspe.
  • Bilbao la Vieja, also called Bilbi: it is located in front of the Old Town. It is a more bohemian and artistic area. You can find restaurants serving author, fusion and international cuisine. In addition to art galleries, second-hand shops, craft shops…
  • The Ensanche (Indautxu and Abando): it is a more modern area, where you can find the Gran Vía and good restaurants. In addition, it houses  the Guggenheim Museum, the Museum of Fine Arts, the circular square, the Iberdrola tower, the Doña Casilda park or the famous Zubizuri bridge.
  • Deusto: is the student area, since there is the University of Deusto.
  • Uribarri: it is close to the Eixample area and the Old Town. In addition, it has the funicular that reaches Artxanda and the City Council of Bilbao.
  • Begoña: perhaps the most secluded and quiet area of the city. Here you will find  the Basilica of Begoña and the Etxebarria Park.

Sleep in the centre of Bilbao’s history

Are you looking for accommodation in Bilbao that is located in the centre of the city and its history? Get to know the Hotel Bilder.

Located in the Old Town of Bilbao, our accommodation is located in an eighteenth century building. First was the Palace of Ampuero, belonging to the Gutierrez Olaeta y Villareal family, of which we keep their shield on the façade.

In 1830, “the Swiss” settled here. Opening a pastry shop that eventually became one of the best known cafes in Bilbao, the Café Suizo, a meeting place for intellectuals.

From 1944 to 2016, it became Calzados La Palma, one of Bilbao’s historic fashion businesses.

And in 2022, we open our doors to offer a space of rest in an environment that breathes history.

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