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If you want to discover the real Bilbao, this is the place to start.

Built in the 18th century, our building has engraved on its walls the most famous moments and characters of the town.

First as the Palacio de Ampuero, belonging to the Gutierrez Olaeta y Villareal family. Proof of this is its coat of arms, which you can still see on the façade.

In 1830, “the Swiss” was founded here. Opening a pastry shop that over time became one of the most mythical cafes remembered in Bilbao, the Café Suizo, a meeting place for intellectuals and various characters from the Villa. You can still feel the energy of his long nights of poetry.

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The city continues to change and, from 1944 to 2016, it becomes Calzados La Palma, one of the historical fashion businesses in Bilbao, reaching nearly a hundred employees. You can still hear the stories of the older ones reliving those Thursday afternoons, when the workers came to the door to distribute balloons and rubber balls with Gorilla shoes to the children.

The memory of Bilbao is still at the hotel’s doorstep, in the street where we are located.

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Born after the collapse of the wall that protected the 7 original streets of Bilbao, it is in its first years of life the Consulate and the Casa de Contratación, from where the postmen departed to deliver their own letters and those of all the neighbors.

In 1821 the National Postal Service was installed. Event that causes the street to change its name from Santiago to Correos. Title that lasts until today.

Here, in the old Hostal Maroño, the most famous charlatan of all time died in August 1949, León Salvado , a character in the history of this city.

And how can we forget Florencia and Francisco, owners of the Santiaguito confectionery, from which they filled Bilbao with their typical marshmallow candies.

At no. 14, you can still visit the palatial house known as Casa del Jaspe.

And on the corner with Calle Banco España, the Palacio Salcedo still stands.

Unique places.

Stories and people that form part of the memory of the people of Bilbao.

Do you want to get to know the city that hides behind its grey sky and green background, its culture, gastronomy, traditions and its own identity? You are just a step away.